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Statement by Nancy Moskovitz
Nancy Moskovitz

Inspiration comes from  the quiet places and feature intimate views of nature.

The Painting Process begins in the real world  from life or my own photos.  Subject comes first. How to express its essence dictates technique.Should it be large or small? Oil or acrylic? It's a conversation in my head. The painting tells me what to do.

I work deliberately, building details and color into a richly complex luminous surface. Traditional and impressionist styles blend.

There's so much I want to paint! Working small lets me paint more of them. Collectors call the minis small jewels. The largest to date is 36 x 48 inches.

Current Project

The Barrier Island and Coastal Marshes series began with my 2007 Sapelo Island artist-in-residency. I am working with two Florida artist friends who in different years painted Sapelo Island. We are documenting in paint the southeastern coast to raise awareness of their environmental importance of the barrier islands....and........... because we love painting their beauty.

I continue to paint the subtle beauty of north central Florida in my intimate landscapes.

More recently (2016-current), my art has switched directions after actually a 3.5 year hiatus 2012-2016 from painting. I enjoy art journaling and collaborating with other artists and art journalists, and have facilitated several group projects. The art tends toward drawing and mixed media with explanatory text. The tone ranges from whimsy to reflective.

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