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Statement by Nancy Moskovitz
Nancy Moskovitz

Inspiration comes from  the quiet places and feature intimate views of nature.

The Painting Process begins in the real world  from life or my own photos.  Subject comes first. How to express its essence dictates technique. Should it be large or small? Oil or acrylic? It's a conversation in my head. The painting tells me what to do.

I work deliberately, building details and color into a richly complex luminous surface. Traditional and impressionist styles blend.

There's so much I want to paint! Working small lets me paint more of them. Collectors call the minis small jewels. The largest to date is 36 x 48 inches.

The Barrier Island and Coastal Marshes series began with my 2007 Sapelo Island artist-in-residency. I am working with two Florida artist friends who in different years painted Sapelo Island. We are documenting in paint the southeastern coast to raise awareness of their environmental importance of the barrier islands....and........... because we love painting their beauty.

I continue to paint the subtle beauty of north central Florida in my intimate landscapes.  


And then I stopped. Totally stopped painting for 3.5 years from 2012-2016. Just prior to moving, I facilitated several collaborative art projects from journals to painted dominoes. That was great fun and I miss the cameraderie.

I retired from teaching and exhibiting, moved and downsized.


Now I draw. Perfect for maintaining 2020 sanity as I type this. For quarantine, I'm keeping a nature journal from daily walks on land and from kayaking Sarasota Bay....all within a one mile radius of home. There's value in this enforced slower pace. Research helps me to distinguish amongst an increbile variety of palm trees and tropical birds. I'm documenting the changing of Gulf coast Florida seasons.

While never attempting to document the pandemic, it's in the subtext.

I was drawing with Sarasota Urban Sketchers en plein air. These days I make marks by myself and host a Zoom sketch group.  We adapt and feel gratitude for the virtual contact.

When you explore any new thing, you discover its depth and breadth. I own a drawing stash of papers, books, pencils, pens, inks, black, colored, watersoluble or waterproof. Always something new to explore. It's a pleasure to revisit the growing stack of filled sketchbooks. I never could settle on just one thing so in small drawings it's an easy spin from whimsy to reflective, from realistic to abstract. I document my travels and my days. Drawing deepens memory. 

You can catch the sketches on my facebook page at aka Fine Arts and Whimsy.

On Instagram I'm nancymoskovitz. 

So, if you want to go down my drawing rabbit hole, join my facebook page, or follow on Instagram.

p.s. I still have conversations in my head; one mark leads to another and one creative idea leads to another. It's a good life.

p.p.s. That's an old photo, but I still like it. Quarantine has grayed my hair for good and that's ok.


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