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Testimonials by clients of Nancy Moskovitz

 My beautiful painting just arrived and I wanted to let you know that I have received it and that I absolutely love it!  I could not be more pleased!

Thank you so much for showing** it to me and for packaging it so carefully.  I feel honored to have a Nancy Moskovitz original in my home! Lynne, Ravenna, OH
Have a great have already made mine!  Lynne, Ravenna, OH

** Lynne had emailed me about a Suwanee River painting; I emailed her an image that was not to be found on the website.

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Nancy!!  I'm so happy with it -- it looks so great -- I am just so impressed with your talent.  Of course you can post it, I would be honored to have my babies on your website!

I have already sent your website to several people.  I of course have shown the other sketches you sent me to everyone!  I will put your check in the mail on Monday.  And I had two friends here today so I showed them the finished picture and they thought it was great also.  I'm going to hang it on the wall that is right beside my desk here at home, you can see it from the living room but I will enjoy looking up at it too.  Thank you so much!!
- L. Bywaters, Alexandria, VA

Nancy Moskovitz is like her portraits. She speaks softly, both in conversation and on canvas, but she makes her statements with quiet conviction. She measures her words and her brush strokes, carefully choosing each phrase and hue to convey precisely what she means to say - no more and no less. Every detail and subtle nuance is important.
- Melody Murphy, Ocala Style Magazine - from Melody Murphy's article in Ocala Style Magazine, Dec. 2001,

From pet portrait clients....We received the painting you painted for us and we proudly have it hanging on our wall. Your talent and ability to capture the spirit and soul of our Jake and Janessa show through in the painting. The frame and border for the painting was perfect. Not only have we received a beautiful painting, we have had the pleasure of meeting you. Nancy, thank you very much for the love and care you put into our painting. WE LOVE IT!  - M. and J. Parish, Ocala, Fl

From Portrait Clients.........Thank you so very much for the gorgeous, amazing paintings. They brought tears to my eyes, they are so beautiful. The kids were so excited with them too. I cannot wait to display them in our home.
- A. Druckman, Rockville, MD

We love it.  I'm speechless!
- C. Rice, Florida

I received our portrait in yesterday's mail. It is wonderful. I couldn't put it down and stared at it for a long time.  Thank you very much for giving me a wonderful piece of artwork, which you know is much more than that to me, or to anyone who commissions you. - J. Foster, Illinois

Your painting of Bella is amazing.  You really captured her  essence. She is really quite exotic-- very different looking from most  children. Thank you so much for putting so much work into it for them. - J. Druckman, New Jersey

I just wanted to you know that I have received so many complements on the portrait you did of my family.  What a beautiful  treasure to have. Please take care of yourself and keep up your wonderful  talent. - Y Page Ontario, Canada

I wanted to tell you that I painted the walls of my dining room so that I could feature the girls' portraits better. I have them hanging together, on one wall, and they look terrific. Of course. - L. Colley, Florida

I look upon my children and am awed by the fact of their existence.  They are giggly girls, all pink and soft.  In your portraits, you froze them for me.  You captured their spirit, their emotions, their childhood.  I can forever gaze upon these portraits and embrace my children, one by one.  I can hear their little girl voices, I can feel their little girls arms, I can smell their little girl smells.  I am awed, Nancy, by the way in which you captured them in each portrait.  How difficult it must be to corral the mischief mixed with innocence in my six year old. . .to balance the pensiveness with the playfulness in my ten year old. . .to catch the proud yet tentative look on my eight year old's face as she plays the piano.  But you did!  And best of all, I got to "tag" along with you while you did it. You went through innumerable photographs and listened to me share what I saw in them.  You set up your camera and took even more photographs.   You merged, cropped, edited, and perfected the photographs.  You listened while I shared with you my vision for the portraits.  Then you took the vision to a place I had never dreamed of.  I had no idea what turpenoid was, what sanded paper looked like, what pouring paints meant, or what difference it made to spray a fixative.  Truthfully, I still don't know.  I will probably never be able to appreciate the portraits as the technical work of an artist.  I am awed by beauty beyond my pitiful brain's capability to grasp its origin.  I do know that I shall always appreciate the beautiful, emotional work of art that these portraits will always remain.  You definitely know what you are doing technically, but you also feel what you paint.  That is what makes the difference. I am so glad that I trusted you with my children.  I am so glad that I relaxed, gave you freedom,  and saw the gifted artist in you emerge, flow, paint.  I am thankful that you cared enough to explain the process to me, even though I will probably never fully appreciate it from an artist's viewpoint.  I am a mother.  My view is clear from here.   The portraits are perfect.  
- L. Colley, Florida

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