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Homestead across from the Wood and Swink

Acrylic on board
Size: 9 x 12

Begun en plein air and finished in the studio.

SOLD to a lovely lady from the Wood family who used to live there.

Copyright 2019, Nancy Moskovitz, Ocala, Florida. All rights reserved.

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All the paintings in this gallery were created for or during the Evinston to Cross Creek Paint Out. And all of these plus more are sold. Some are on my art blog, but not yet on this site.

The Paint Out was a smashing success, thanks to a hardworking team from Artists Alliance of North Florida and the Florida Conservation Trust, on every level. It was fun to meet the local people and hear their stories of the area. The artists, who generally spend much time alone in their studios, enjoyed the camaraderie.

People had a good time. Weather cooperated. Well, it was very windy ALL WEEK!  The townfolk and visitors were excited about the whole event and loved the paintings.Sales were great.

We raised enough money to save the Wood and Swink post office.

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