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And The Willow Guards Our Springs

Mixed Media
Size: 36 x 48

mixed media tree of life with sacred feminine symbolism created in 2013 specifically for The Quest for the Fountain of Youth in Florida history, mythology, and art exhibit curated by Mallory O'Connor Doris Bardon Community Cultural Center and The Thomas Center Main Gallery, Gainesville, FL March 29 - April 23, 2013 and traveling exhibit

Exhibited at Brick City Center for the Arts, January 2017 as part of a special exhibit called "Horse Fever Artists: Where are they now?"


Copyright 2020, Nancy Moskovitz, Ocala, Florida. All rights reserved.


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Fountain of Youth Artist's Statement by Nancy Moskovitz

If you see a tree of life, you have good reason.

And the Willow Guards Our Springs is based on the world tree found in several ancient religions and mythologies. A world tree is collaged onto the spiral to the right of the heart. The immense tree has branches to support the heavens and roots to reach down connecting the world to the underworld. Is there a culture without a sacred tree?

A fruit bearing tree is simultaneously masculine and feminine. Fertility, longevity, rebirth, youth, immortality...all there.

The golden mean of sacred geometry spirals repeatedly throughout the composition and appears also as Φ (phi) and the Fibonacci sequence.

Ancient symbols include kabbalah, chakras, seed of life, eagle, Odin hanging, 3 golden apples, and a snake eating its tail.

Contemporary symbols include headlines from Discover Magazine, Ray Kurzweil,  efforts in synthetic biology, research in dna, and a woman in tree pose. Deepak Chopra trades on the Fountain of Youth. Green tea anyone?

Our ancestors asked the same big questions and developed mythologies to answer them. New Age mythologies are futuristic but steeped in ancient symbolism of sacred math, deities, and nature. 


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