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Sapelo Sunset dipyich

oil on 2 24 x 30 canvases
Size: total 48 x 30 inches or could be spaced slightly apart for even a taller effect

A large vertical oil painting of a sun setting behind a thicket of trees. There are two canvases hinged together. The could be separated and spaced a few inches apart, if preferred. Private collection.

Copyright 2019, Nancy Moskovitz, Ocala, Florida. All rights reserved.

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Who doesn't love a sunset? In person, this painting just glows!

This scene could be anywhere even though I took the reference photo during my 2007 Sapelo Island artist in residency.

Spotted while walking from my lodging to the public dock, I stood transfixed by the transient beauty of another Sapelo Island sunset.

The large size adds to the impact of the painting. You can see the line separating the 2 canvases across the middle. 

There are 3 advantages to the diptych format. 1. drama   2. versatility in display - the canvases could touch or hang up to 8 inches apart  3. easier to ship to you or for you to take along if you move.


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