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Maggie the American Eskimo Mini

Size: 12 x 9

pet pencil portrait of a dog - breed: American Eskimo Mini

Copyright 2019, Nancy Moskovitz, Ocala, Florida. All rights reserved.

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Maggie's fourteen months old.  She is incredibly sweet and gentle, yet full of boundless energy.  She absolutely loves people and loves to wrestle with other dogs.  She's relatively obedient, insists on carrying her leash in her mouth and when it's time to go head home on a walk, wants to take bundles of the leash in her mouth and run home, turning constantly to make sure that I'm jogging after her.  She provides us with more joy than Paul or I could ever have imagined at this point in our lives.  We are more attached to her than we have ever been to any other pet we've had.  We plan purchases of cars, motor homes and vacations with her in mind.  She is pure joy and happiness to both of us.

Really silly how a little fur ball can wiggle and wag her way into one's heart, isn't it?


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