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Subtle Glitz

In 2001 The Marion Cultural Alliance and Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association teamed up to present a major public art project called Horse Fever. There were 50 something horses created along with a coffee table book, figurines, and mugs.

I painted two horses and later one as a private commission.

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I wanted to do a horse that was both elegant and mixed media. The iridescent horse shimmers in the light as you walk around it, changes appearance in the sunlight and again in its evening halogen spotlights. The body of the horse is built up in layers into a faux finish. The base is green with a whitewash followed by a marbled glaze. Over this are red, gold, and blue interference acrylic paints.  Glass globs and squiggles sparke on the tail, one leg, and the mane. That's the part that took 90% of the time!

Subtle Glitz raised $20,000 at auction and currently resides in a meditation garden.


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