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Commission artwork by Nancy Moskovitz

Portraits are memories at their very best.

*Nancy is not taking portrait commissions at this time.

A portrait isn't of just a person, a home or an animal. It's of a memory. Your memories are softer and more colorful than any photograph could show.

Nancy Moskovitz, award-winning and renowned Florida artist, beautifully translates those precious memories on canvas that lasts forever. - JessiMiller, Ocala, Florida 

Young People Portraits and Pet Portraits Portfolio 


Home Portraits and Favorite Place Portraits Portfolio

Want to see the painting process? Please go to the portrait demo.
  • For a commissioned painting or portrait, email me. 
             Put your request in the subject line. 
              Include alternate contact info in case one of us has a computer meltdown.
  • Be sure to include your name, email, postal address/shipping address, your pet's name or your child's name. If a home portrait, then include the owner's name.
  • We brainstorm together. Consultation is free.
  • I write up an agreement to make sure we are on the same page. It will include - the size of the portrait, the pose, any requested colors, whether it is oil, pencil, or.....? Eye and hair color notes. Any special ideas you have for the portrait. Whatever you can tell me about likes, dislikes, and personality to help me bring your portrait to life. The price and payment plan. Estimated completion date.
  • You sign it and  pay a deposit.* Your place in line is protected. So is your price.
  • You get to approve a sketch or small painting before I go to canvas.
  • The painting begins! We keep in close contact. No surprises. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.


A small commissioned portrait is usually ready for shipping in 8 - 10 weeks. Sound like forever? The more time you can give me, the better your portrait.

Nervous? Most people have never commissioned a painting and  feel nervous at first.  They they go from nervous to excited in a flash as we start plannin' "our" portrait.

Scroll down for photo tips.
Scroll way down to FAQ - Frequently asked questions.




Every situation gets special attention. For a general idea...

$700 and up for a portrait in oil


$600 and up for a portrait in pastel.

$450 and up for  traditional oil landscape or home portrait. 

$300 9 x 12 pencil portrait on 2 ply Bristol board



Prices are for unframed paintings plus actual shipping costs.

Travel in the central Florida area is free or nominal.


Major credit cards are securely accepted online.

A personal check for the exact amount is fine, but it does take longer for a check to clear and your painting to be shipped.

I will carefully pack and ship your portrait as soon as the painting is dry and your payment clears.

Payment plans available - If you choose the time payments option, shipping is free.


Gift Certificates are the perfect solution when time is crucial.

My clients have great ideas. I have been asked to paint portraits of.....




a first home - a childhood home - a vacation retreat - a dream-come-true home - home just purchased  -the home left behind or - about to be left behind.


People enjoy their own home portraits, or give them as gifts to children,  parents, clients, or retiring or relocating colleagues.


They make a great going away gift and very special house warming gift. Sometimes, people ask me to paint a special view. They want to feel tension melt away and enjoy a bit of vacation at home. Many clients say it takes them to a place of calm. 


Please use a digital camera set to its highest resolution and "fine" quality.


  • Send me large jpg files at 300 dpi. That's a high resolution option for printing.
  • Take your photos at 5 megapixel setting or higher so we can zoom in on details.
  • Use the zoom feature of your camera to get close up yet minimize distortion.

How to photograph a pet for a portrait
Help me get to know your pet! Along with the images, please share personality traits & special characteristics.

  • Natural light is best. Outside or near a window. You can use a flash to fill in shadows.
  • An indoor flash photo won't give you the best portrait.
  • exception.....chocolate or black fur! I'll need some flash images in order to see the details.
  • Seriously....a client tells me their cat got wise to the flash and started closing her eyes whether or not the flash was still turned on. Try shooting in a garage where you can adjust light by raising & lowering the door
  • Sunlight is often good but
    • watch out for eyes squinting into the light.
    • watch out for dappled light too
    • Take some shots in open shade like along side a building on a sunny day. Strong shadows and too bright highlights will be softened.
    • Try some shots on a bright overcast day.
    • Try to photo a dark pet against a lighter background and a light pet against medium  for contrast. *too dark a background will overexpose your white pet and eliminated important anatomy details
    • Take lots of photos. Digital is cheap. Try shooting at your pet's eye level.
    • A smiling dog (tongue hanging out) can be cute.
    • Tricks I've tried
    • A dog looking out the car window is an easy way to get at eye level
    • Bonus - You'll have your pup's full attention
    • For an alert expression, pretend you are about to throw a ball, squeeze a squeak toy, or make silly noises. You can have a friend stand behind or beside you to help out. Try holding up a treat.
    • For a cat, try dangling a toy

      For a Memorial Portrait
      • Please choose the clearest images you have, including film print photographs. I will work carefully with them if you mail them to me.
      • Alternatively, you can scan the prints into your computer. Please scan at 300 dpi/ppi or greater.
      • Please leave the file very large. You can email the images as an attachment.
      • Some stores such as CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Target...will scan photos for you and put them on a CD. You can mail me the CD or download the images and mail as attachments.
      How to photograph people for a portrait
      Tips are really the same as for a pet right through....Take lots of photos. Digital is cheap. Try shooting at your child's eye level.
  • Plus a few more
    • For a natural expression, shoot photos while your child is chatting. A tag team is to entertain while the other takes the photos -
    • We all know people who smile all the time or they just don't look like themselves. In that case, take a pic with a smile
    • A prop (hat or toy or pet) makes kids less self-conscious
    • Shoot several shots in quick succession to catch subtle shifts.
    • White and light colored clothing show up better for painting purpose
    • Try on several comfortable outfits.
    • A close up flash shot flattens and washes out the face. not good
    • Nancy cannot paint from school photos because they are copyrighted
    How to photograph for a group portrait
    • If possible, have people or pets interact in some way with each other.
    How to photograph for combining several photos into a group portrait - pets or people or both
    • For best results, keep the light the same in all photos
    • from the left, right, front, or behind
    • indoors, outdoors, shade, sun
    • For best results, keep the distance/zoom  similar in the photos you send
    • For best results include extra photos that show the relative heights and sizes of features
    • and relative hair and skin color or relative fur color

    How to photograph for a Home Portrait

    It is amazing how different a home looks at different times of day as well as during different seasons.

    Choose the best time of day to take photos that flatter the chosen view of the house and its important details. Morning and late afternoon are often, but not always better choices.

    People often choose a full front view of the home and its immediate landscaping.

    Include a door to welcome us into the home.......unless you have a specific reason not to such as a portraying something else special.

    Browse through the other photo tips too.

    FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    If  you paint my 3 pets in one 11 x 14 painting, will the price be the same as for one pet? - I understand why you may think that 3 people or pets in one painting would be less expensive than 3 paintings, but no. You'll want me to work just as carefully on each face and concentrate on the tiniest differences between pets of the same breed. Consider a drawing to economize

    Can I save money with a less realistic painting?  Nope. When you commission me, it's because you want a very life - like painting. I specialize in realism.

    How can I stay in budget then? Usually we can work something out, either with time payments or by simplifying the painting, or both. Fewer arms and legs keep the cost down. Consider a portrait featuring the face.

    What else can I do? Give me the best images you can. Maybe get a friend to help.That will save me hours in Photoshop combining elements from different pictures.

    Should I commission 3 portraits of my children or 1 painting with all 3? It's really a matter of preference. Consider where the paintings will hang. Consider whether you want to give each child their own portrait one day.

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