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Evinston Paint Out - Feb 16 - Feb 19, 8 am to 6 pm  - This is a smaller, more casual version of last year's blockbuster. 40% of purchase price on artwork at this event is tax deductible and supports the conmmunity development and educational work of the Artists Allliance of North Florida and Florida's Eden.

Last year's artists have been invited to return to paint the Evinston, FL area around Orange Lake and The River Styx. The "wet room" at the Wood and Swink post office will be open throughout the event. Look for your favorite artists from last year. If you missed it, this is your chance to see artists paint on locationand answer your questions. Really. The artwork produced was and is first rate. See my Evinston  to Cross Creek Gallery listed in the archives; all sold. If you see a scene you like, email me, and I will try to accomodate your wishes.

Map, directions and complete info at

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